Okay I’m asking a favour. I’m a believer in magic and the power of a willing mind, I need as many minds as possible to help me. And I’m desperate enough to beg over the Internet.

This is me and my horse Bud, Bud has been with me for 5 years now and I’ve built up my life around him. His previous owners left him in a field and didn’t touch him. I love him with everything that I am. Bud helped me through bullying and self harming, break ups and the loss of my great nan, my granddads cancer, the loss of my dog and has made me smile every day even in the darkest of times.

The deal is that I’m moving to Australia, he’s moving with me providing he passes some blood tests, if he fails just one then he has to stay behind and I lose him. I need him, I don’t know who I am or how to cope without him, he’s my best friend and my entire world. Please I am begging every person who reads this, if you’re religious then please include us in your prayers, if you’re not religious then wish and will for us. Every prayer, every 11:11 wish or just wishing in general, if you’ve got horses yourself you’ll understand, please wish yourself and tell your own horses so that they might wish too. Please please. I need him, I don’t know how to live without him. He is My Best Buddy, I don’t want to slip back into the darkest depths of depression, last time that happened Bud was the only reason I stayed alive, I know this sounds dramatic and horrible but I am scared of my own capabilities without my anchor. I don’t want to be back to where I was, I wanted to die and if I don’t have Bud those thoughts might come back. Please keep us in your thoughts, I love him more than anything and I need him, please reblog as much as you can, I need the magic of many minds.

Thank you xxxxxxx

Please please reblog as much as you can, it’s so important to keep suicide rates down.